The New York Times writes Playwright Emily Chadick Weiss stepped up to meet the Trump era

The Share’s Creator, Emily Chadick Weiss, was cited for her play THE FORK in the New York Times on the last day of Trump’s presidency. The article, “How Theater Stepped Up to Meet the Trump Era” mentions various plays that resonated with audiences throughout his term in office.

Marcia Jean Kurtz and Dawn McGee in The Ensemble’s Studio Theatre’s production of
THE FORK by Emily Chadick Weiss

Theater critic and journalist Laura Collins-Hughes writes, “Some of my memories of theatergoing in the Trump era seem even more lacerating now. At Ensemble Studio Theater in May 2017, Emily Chadick Weiss’s “The Fork,” a one-act comedy about killing the president, was met with delighted, unhesitating laughter — a response as jarring at the time as it was telling about the state of our civic health.”

Thank God the Trump era is coming to an end – Biden/Harris will produce great theatre, too and more importantly, a much healthier and more loving world.