The Fork” deftly shades boisterous humor with political alarm and awareness of mortality…” – The New York Times

Beneath the wild catharsis of the comedy, the play’s sneaky surprise is how it prods us to consider the common good, our duty to the people we love and the blighted choices we’re capable of making when we’re afraid.” – The New York Times

The Ensemble Studio Theatre’s Marathon 2017

Broadway Bullet Podcast “Build it and they will come” 17:00-37:00

Interview about THE FORK on Visible Soul




a “Rising talent” – The New York Times

Three-Legged Dog’s Production of Play/Date at Fat Baby,  2014




Emily Chadick Weiss’ Good Dancer is nicely done…the tone of the piece is wisely kept light,” – Dan Bacalzo,

Theater Breaking Through Barriers’ SOME OF OUR PARTS

The Clurman Theater, Theatre Row 2011




deadpan-sweet…easily earns your affection.” – Time Out New York

BOTH is “filled with youthful humor and clever character portraits.” –

ambitious,” filled with “verve and ferocity.” –

The Ensemble Studio Theatre 2008