Weiss began writing as a Story Producer for Vox Creative in October, 2022. She has written fresh content with client key messaging for companies such as Disney+, Chase, Zelle, Nutrish, and Clorox. She’s written scripts and contextualized videos for PopSugar, NowThis, and The Dodo.

Weiss promoted Limitless on NOWTHIS, VOX and POPSUGAR

Speechwriter for winning candidate!

In addition to dramatic writing, Weiss has been writing speeches for politicians that will bring positive and progressive change to our country. Weiss served as speechwriter for one of NYC’s District 39 City Council candidates, Shahana Hanif. Hanif ran as the first woman to represent her district and the first Muslim to represent the New York City Council. Out of 7 candidates, Hanif won her primary by at least 10%. As the Democratic candidate, she is predicted to beat out the Libertarian and Conservative candidates to become City Councilwoman after the Nov 2 general election of 2021.

Weiss was proud to provide writing for someone who defends women’s safety, excellent education, a green new deal and immigrant rights. Congratulations to District 39 on their outstanding City Council candidate!


Weiss’ piece Ghosted was published in The Best Women’s Monologues from New Plays, 2020. The monologue is written for CORY, 30s-40s. She’s a ghost trying to return to the living by being picked for future dates at a speed dating night. She is addressing the woman across from her and only has sixty seconds to convince her she’s worthy of love. And life.

This comedic monologue from GHOSTED was part of a virtual reality performance at the North Bend Film Festival. The festival took place in North Bend, Washington, the site of the original Twin Peaks.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Weiss stepped up to meet the Trump era

Emily Chadick Weiss’ play, THE FORK was cited in the New York Times on the last day of Trump’s presidency. The article, “How Theater Stepped Up to Meet the Trump Era” mentions various plays that resonated with audiences throughout his term in office.

Marcia Jean Kurtz & Dawn McGee in the EST production of THE FORK

Theater critic and journalist Laura Collins-Hughes writes, “Some of my memories of theatergoing in the Trump era seem even more lacerating now. At Ensemble Studio Theater in May 2017, Emily Chadick Weiss’s “The Fork,” a one-act comedy about killing the president, was met with delighted, unhesitating laughter — a response as jarring at the time as it was telling about the state of our civic health.”

Thank God the Trump era is coming to an end – Biden/Harris will produce great theatre, too and more importantly, a much healthier and more loving world.

John Lithgow & Steven Boyer in “IF YOU WIN”

Tune in to Weiss’ radio play starting May 24, 2020 and beyond on Playing On Air

The Play: John Lithgow plays Hal Wheelwright, a retired principal running for House Rep in Ohio. Steven Boyer plays Timothy Diamond, the son of the woman running against Wheelwright. So why does Timothy want to help Hal win?

The recording session of radio play IF YOU WIN by Emily Chadick Weiss starring John Lithgow and Steven Boyer directed by Giovanna Sardelli
This is the third collaboration for Lithgow & Boyer: Lithgow and Boyer co-starred in NBC’s sitcom Trial & Error about a murder investigation.
Boyer played The Fool to Lithgow’s King Lear in Shakespeare in the Park

International Production of THE FORK

THE FORK heads to Australia!

Originally produced in The Ensemble Studio Theatre’s Marathon, The Fork gets a new life with Aussie accents!

Reading of New Play: 2051

In 2051, Zika is all over America. Families are given government subsidies to stay home and single people must live at work. But when an expecting couple invites their non-married friends to live together with them in excess, they all must compete for each others’ affections to stay alive. 

written by Emily Chadick Weiss

directed by Moritz von Stuelpnagel

Thursday, October 24 3:30pm

presented by The Ensemble Studio Theatre’s Memberfest

The Ensemble Studio Theatre 2nd Fl 549 W 52nd St at 11th Ave NYC 10019


Weiss has booked her first virtual reality writing gig for GHOSTED, a ghost speed dating experience at the North Bend Film Festival in August 2019. The ghost she has written for is none other than her boo, Steven Boyer. The festival takes place in North Bend, Washington, the site of the original Twin Peaks.

Ghosted Augmented Reality World Premiere Produced by: Allyson Morgan, Kevin Laibson Agile Lens: Immersive Design  Lead AR Developer: Alex Coulombe.  Have you ever felt completely alone in the dating world? Sometimes it feels like one big purgatory waiting for the “one” to arrive. Now try dating…a ghost. In GHOSTED, a world premiere interactive Augmented Reality experience utilizing the Magic Leap One headset, you’ll go on ten minutes of speed dating with partners who can’t see or hear you – or at least, they’ll pretend not to. They want to talk to you about their hobbies, work, blah blah blah ghost stuff, but more importantly, they have one minute to convince you to take them BACK. 

Writers include: Nicco Aeed, Nick Carrill, Josh Conkel, Lucy Cottrell, JW Crump, Lucas Hazlett, Jake Keefe, Caroline McGraw, Allyson Morgan, Greg Moss, Tamsi New, Sarah Nowak, Alex Song, Amy Staats, Marina Tempelsman, Mark Vigeant, Robin Virginie and Emily Chadick Weiss

On the political front, Emily has become a Speechwriter for Democratic Candidate for Senator, Jasi Robinson of NY’s District 23. Her speeches have been delivered at Broadway Blue Wave for New York, for the  NAACP Youth Council, The Brooklyn Alumnae Chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and more.

The Fork, produced in The Ensemble Studio Theatre’s 2017 MARATHON will be published by Smith & Kraus.

2051, a new-full length play, had its first public reading at the Ensemble Studio Theatre on December 12 at 7pm, directed by Margot Bordelon. The reading featured Steven Boyer, Darcy Fowler, Curran Connor, Sasha Diamond and Jason Liebman.

In 2051, Zika is all over America. Families are given government subsidies to stay home and single people must live at work. But when two couples choose to live in luxury together to survive, sex, the next generation, or an old flame may mean their end.

2051 had its first reading at The Dramatists Guild Hall in August, 2017. The cast included Brian Quijada, Christina Pumariega, Curran Connor, Sasha Diamond and Shahar Isaac.