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First Public Reading Dec 12, 2017  at The Ensemble Studio Theatre. Casting: 2 Women 3 Men

In 2051, Zika is all over America. Families are given government subsidies to stay home and single people must live at work. But when two couples choose to live in luxury together to survive, sex, the next generation, or an old flame may mean their end.


A commission from Youngblood/The Ensemble Studio Theatre, developed at Penguin Rep. 4W 2M

California is drying up and the clock is ticking. The Drought Tank is the story of a woman deciding between her marijuana habit and motherhood. Celebrating her Birthday in Jamaica may tip the scales.


Produced in Youngblood/EST’s  Unfiltered directed by Liz Carlson, featuring Molly Ward, Diana Ruppe and Mike Smith Rivera. 2W 1M

It is New England’s biggest blizzard yet and two grown sisters are snowed in alone together. This is their chance to finally get closer or finally kill each other.


Commissioned by The Apothetae, developed at The Kennedy Center, The Lark, BRIC and The Ensemble Studio Theatre, on MixedBlood’s list of plays to produce. 3W 3M

GOOD DANCER tells the story of a wealthy young man with Cerebral Palsy, his African American Republican girlfriend and the meeting of their parents before the couple sets off to Hong Kong for what could be the beginning of the rest of their lives (if their parents approve.)


Staged reading at The Atlantic Theater Company, produced in Youngblood/EST’s Unfiltered directed by Abigail Zealey Bess with Chris Ceraso, Helen Coxe, Eunice Ha and William Oliver Watkins. 2W 2M

Nodding Off is the story of soon to be father, Daniel, who can’t stop falling asleep whenever his wife, Ayaka, mentions their baby. But when the psychiatrist, Miriam, piques Daniel’s interest, he must decide if it is his wife or the idea of fatherhood that makes him want to sleep through life.


Produced by The Araca Group in the Aracaworks Series. 4W 3M

In present day Arizona, Father is turning sixty and demands extraordinary gifts from his grown daughters. Since he raised them on the dramatic stories, not the Jewish traditions of The Old Testament, Alison and Marissa both decide to write the best new bible for their father – one that is about the epic tale of their family. But when they learn they are competing for not only their father’s love, but the love of the rabbinic student Father found wandering in the desert, Alison and Marissa must decide if they will remain within the confines of their primitive upbringing, or venture out into secular America.


Developed with Youngblood/EST 3W 2M

The Relief is about a dysfunctional non-profit trying to help the Pakistani flood victims of 2010. Set in Chicago 6 months after the flood, the play tells the story of Rose, the grant writer, who tells the founder of PAKISTANEDU that she will commit suicide unless he has sex with her for the rest of her life whenever she wants. Under these conditions, it becomes difficult for anyone in the office to save themselves or those in Pakistan.